Most people end up calling a repair man when their water heater isn’t working correctly, because who wants to take a cold shower? Although, taking a shower using cold water isn’t typically the way it’s done, some people actually do this on purpose. Taking a cold shower may not be as enjoyable as a hot one, but it does have benefits. Cold showers are known to benefit; health, skin, hair, and energy. If you think you can handle a cold shower first thing in the morning, we are going to let you know about some of the perks you’re in for.


Many people use coffee in the morning to add some pep in their step, but there’s something better, a cold shower! Just a couple minutes under the cold water will wake you up more than your espresso. This is perfect if you don’t drink coffee, or if you’re needing something more to help you get going in the mornings. The shock of the cold water will snap you awake, but it’s not the only reason a cold shower gets you going. When you are under the cold water your body is going to respond in order to keep you warm. In cold temperatures your body will stimulate longer and deeper breathes so that you are able to take in more oxygen, and your heart rate will naturally increase in order to assist with blood flow. A cold shower may not feel the best, and the things your body is doing to warm you up probably won’t actually allow you to feel warmer, but it will definitely put some pep in your step.

2.Boosting Your Immune System

When your blood flow is increased due to the cold shower, your white blood cells will race through your body. Next time your’re feeling a little under the weather, a cold shower might be in your best interest. Your white blood cells are your natural disease fighting system, and having that little extra kick from them might help you fight your symptoms even faster. Getting your blood circulating like this also benefits your health because your heart is getting exercise while your arteries are getting cleared out, and your blood pressure is lowering.

3. Burning Fat

We talked about your body having to work hard to keep you warm in a cold shower and a couple of the benefits you get from that process, but there is another benefit! Cold showers might even help you lose weight. The fuel your body uses to keep you warm is fat, which gets burned during the process your body goes through to try and keep you warm. So if you want to get your metabolism moving, hop in the cold shower.

4. Beautiful Skin and Hair

I’m sure most of us agree that hot showers feel great, and are almost always preferred over a cold one, but they can dry out your skin. Cold showers can make your skin look great by tightening your pores. Tightening your pores is especially great for people with oily skin or acne. We can’t forget about the hair. Cold water can make your hair appear shinier, as well as strengthen hair follicles and overall scalp health. If you can bare through those cold showers you might end up with great looking skin and hair.

5.Soothing Muscle Pain

Many people take warm showers or baths when they have sore muscles, or are expecting to get them, but the truth is a cold shower is probably better for your muscles in this case. Cold water soothes tired muscles, and helps minimize the intensity of delayed muscle soreness. You see professional athletes take ice baths all the time for these very reasons. The next time you think your muscles might get sore, try taking a cold shower and see if you can tell the difference.

Cold showers might not be for everyone, but if you can handle them, there are many benefits for your body. Of course if you’re taking an unplanned cold shower, then you might need to call your local plumber for maintenance, repair, or replacement of your hot water heater. If you know about any other benefits to taking a cold shower please feel free to comment or email us.