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Cooling Services

Are you not getting the cool air results you were expecting? Is your AC breaking down in the middle of summer? SAM’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help quickly. Reach out to us for your home cooling services in Montrose, CO and the Western Slope.

You can count on Team SAM’s for quick and on-time service when it comes to your cooling service needs. We proudly serve the people of the Western Slope.

You deserve to be comfortable in your own home! So when the summer heat hits, don’t depend on your old AC system. Instead, call SAM’s Heating & Air Conditioning for high quality, friendly home cooling service.

Keep in Mind: When the summer temperatures are 90°F and above, your attic may be 120°F. That is too hot to install a new system! So schedule your new system install before heat levels get too high!

Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

SAM’s understands the frustrations of dust and grime that come with an evaporative cooling system. We can upgrade your Colorado home to central air conditioning. We are certified and fully licensed to work on any make or model of residential and commercial air conditioner. You can trust Team SAM’s to be available for all of your air conditioning installation and repair needs.

Evaporative Cooling

You can trust SAM’s Heating & Air Conditioning to get your evap cooler and boiler functioning in no time, and to property install your system the first time.

Indoor Air Quality

Colorado is an epic place to live, but you may have noticed it is notorious for dust in the wind, pollen in the air, and smoke from fires – And all is killer on the lungs. Our qualified technicians at SAM’s will help keep your home’s air clean all year-round.


Don’t waste money on cooling with your standard “set it and fidget with it” thermostat. Instead, call SAM’s Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss your options. With all the new technology out there, we understand knowing what kind of thermostat to buy can be overwhelming. We can help you find the best thermostat for your home and budget.

Call SAM’S Heating & Air Conditioning at (970) 249-6790 to schedule an appointment to discuss your cooling needs!

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